Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists work with children in the following areas:

  • Fine motor skills- coordination of small motor movements mainly in the hands and fingers; grasping skills
  • Visual motor skills- small motor movements in coordination with the eyes; may include tasks such as cutting, drawing, and writing
  • Sensory processing and sensorimotor
  • Self-help skills- dressing, grooming, bathing tasks
  • Feeding- sensory and motor approach
  • Visual perception- how visual information is perceived; visual memory, visual figure ground, visual spatial awareness, visual discrimination, visual
  • Handwriting
  • Strength and endurance- core and upper body strength and endurance as it relates to the ability to perform daily tasks
  • Coordination- ability to use both sides of the body to perform coordinated movement patterns
  • Eye- hand coordination- ability to coordinate eye movement with hand movement; ball skills
  • Social skills
  • Play skills

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