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Feeding Therapy

Does your child enjoy mealtime? Do you enjoy mealtime?

Feeding therapy helps resistant eaters become more comfortable around food, try new foods, and expand their diets to include more foods in order to have a balanced diet. Eating is not just a physical act, but also an emotional, sensory, and social activity. At Piller ChildDevelopment, we take all of these factors into account during treatment and allow the child to set the pace of the treatment while goals are dictated by parents and therapists.

Signs of a Resistive Eater:

  • Limited food selection: total of 10-20 foods or less.

  • Limited food groups

  • Refuses one or more food groups

  • Anxiety or tantrums with new foods or non preferred foods

  • Gag or become ill when new food is presented

  • Require one or more foods present at every meal presented in the same manner


Food Jags

A food jag is when a child insists on eating the same food in the same manner over long periods of time. Food jags are common in younger children who prefer to eat the same foods over and over. However, these children will change foods periodically and then return to eating the same food again. Resistant eaters will only eat the same food and then refuse toeat it in the future. Food jags limit opportunities to explore new foods and eat a balanced diet.

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