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Therapeutic Listening

  • What is Therapeutic Listening?
    Therapeutic Listening (TL) is an expansion ofSensory Integration. It is an auditory intervention that uses the organized sound patterns inherent in music to impact all levels of the nervous system.Auditory information from Therapeutic ListeningCDs provides direct input to both the vestibular and the auditory portions of the vestibular-cochlear continuum.
    The emphasis of TL is on blending sound intervention strategies with vestibulo-proprioceptive, core development, and breath activities so as to sustain grounding and centering of the body and mind in space and time. Providing these postural, movement, and respiratory activities as part of the TL program is critical.

    Therapeutic Listening utilizes numerous CDs that vary in musical style, types of filtering, and level of complexity.The music on Therapeutic Listening CDs is electronically altered to elicit the orient- ing response which sets up the body for sustained attention and active listening.


  • Therapeutic Listening coupled with Sensory Integration tends to speed the emergence of:
    - Attention - Organized behavior - Self regulation - Postural control- Bilateral coordination - Praxis
    - Social skills - Oral motor/articulation - Fine motor control - Communication - Visual motor integration

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